“Anger Stage” of Grief

  1. Honor your anger by allowing yourself to feel angry. Angry at God, the world, the situation, other people, and yes even angry at yourself.
  2. Let out your anger. Talk it out verbally whether its talking to yourself, your pet, screaming out loud alone in your house or somewhere there are no people.
  3. Release it doing something physical – exercise, kickboxing, boxing, running, punching pillows, digging in a garden etc.  Explore ways to release it that are not harmful to you.  It is normal and healthy to be angry–it is another indication of the intensity of your love.
  4. Share the reasons you are angry with someone –friend, spouse, therapist etc. DO NOT hide your anger or true feelings out of fear of being misperceived you are being negative, crazy, or over-emotional.
  5. Grief feels very lonely. Even when you are around people, you often feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and isolated. Share your losses with others who have experienced loss.
  6. Don’t be afraid to see a grief counselor to assist you through the process.

source: www.loveliveson.com