Your 1st Appointment


Once you arrive to the office for your first appointment, please park anywhere in the parking lot. Upon entering the waiting room, you will not need to knock on a door or ring a bell. Simply, make yourself at home and complete the “new patient” professional disclosure packet. This will be located on a clipboard on the table.  This paperwork details policies and procedures, so that the boundaries are clear between therapist and patient. Please sign those last pages and keep the packet for your records.If you are using insurance, please have a photo ID and insurance ID card ready which is required by insurance companies.

At your first appointment, we do not have any additional paperwork other than that, so you are NOT going to have to complete questionnaires asking numerous questions which are personal and intrusive. For most people, it is hard enough to schedule and come to the first therapy appointment, let alone having to document it on paper, to then give it to a receptionist or a therapist they haven’t met. Instead, we rather let a patient tell his/her story verbally to the chosen therapist in session AND in the time frame that he/she feels most comfortable. We pride ourselves on protecting a patient’s dignity, privacy, and confidentiality.

Waiting Room Area

We are a small practice that also pride ourselves on providing an “at home” office environment with a bit of a farmhouse style. The office is catered to adults in that it is both relaxing and comfortable. Once you enter the office, please have a seat in our waiting room (a portion of it is pictured above). If for some reason, you prefer to sit in your car while you wait, please let us know and we are happy to make that accomodation.

Please help yourself to the complimentary Starbucks coffee bar, tea, or hot chocolate bar (with chocolate chips, peppermint, and marshmallows). We offer free high speed Wi-fi internet, an i-phone charger, magazines, and T.V. for your pleasure while you wait –even though your wait won’t be long. You are welcome to bring food and drink in the building and in your therapy session for self care. Please change the T.V. to any channel of your liking using the remote.