The Importance of Positive Self Talk

We believe what we tell ourselves so it is important to have positive self talk. We often learn our own internal dialogue and self talk starting when we are children through what our parents tell us, our teachers, other adults, and of course peers. It is important to speak kindly to yourself and practice positive self talk.

I can ask for help

It’s okay to make mistakes, that is how I can learn to improve

I don’t have to fix it

I can let it go

I trust myself

I trust my intuition

Saying no is always an option

I can ask for time before making a decision or committing

It’s okay to set limits

I am not responsible for others happiness

I am awesome

I can always improve, I will just keep trying

I am a work in progress

I am right on track

I did the best I could

What am I missing?

Everything will work out

The best is yet to come

This too shall pass

I am enough

I believe in myself and what I can do

I can get through this