What is Self Care?

Rest – Reward – Recharge – Replenish

Self care is so important yet we are taught in society that it is selfish to indulge in ourselves. I disagree! People don’t realize that self care is not selfish, it is self preservation. After all, if you don’t care about yourself or put yourself first then who will? There are many forms of self care. Self care can be for your mind, your body, your spirit. It can mean many things – drinking water to hydrate yourself, taking a shower for hygiene, exercising for health etc

Self care is setting a boundary of time for yourself to replenish and renew. Self care is a way to take care of yourself  It is self preservation.  A favorite way of  mine to carve out an hour of time is to take a bubble bath or get a manicure/pedicure or a massage. There is something wonderful about sitting in a massage chair in your own thoughts and having someone else take care of you and pamper you! This is especially true for those in the helping fields (nurse, doctor, teacher, therapist) or an industry catering to others (massage therapist, hair stylist etc). Sometimes the simple act of having someone wait on you makes all the difference! Choosing a nail color is a great way to express your mood or get into the season. For the fall I love dark nail colors! Some of my favorites for fall is OPI “Midnight in Moscow” and “Kerry Blossom” or “Shhh It’s Top Secret.” I also love Essie “No More Film” or “Chinchilly” or “Bobbing foro Baubles.”

Other ways to take care of yourself can be reading a magazine, star gazing at the sky, enjoying a glass of wine or coffee on the porch, walking your dog on the beach, reading a book, taking yourself out for a meal, but most importantly taking some “you time” so that you can be your best self.