Am I a People Pleaser?

Here are some signs you might be a people pleaser

  1. you take care of everyone’s needs before your own
  2. you are always busy
  3. you are overly responsible
  4. you apologize “I’m sorry” for everything
  5. you worry that people won’t like you
  6. you can’t say no
  7. you judge yourself harshly
  8. you don’t voice your own opinion especially if it is different from someone else’s
  9. you find yourself resentful
  10. you are exhausted from constantly doing for others
  11. you avoid conflict
  12. you can’t stand the thought of someone being mad at you
  13. you feel used by everyone
  14. you take things personally
  15. attract people with problems
  16. you cannot say no or not right now without feeling really guilty
  17. you have anxiety
  18. if you make a mistake you feel shame, guilty, and blame yourself–always
  19. you have to have everyone’s approval