Treatment Focus

Who do we provide treatment for?

Haven Counseling offers individual counseling to adults – women, college students, and men.

What specialities are we not able to treat?

Haven Counseling does not specialize in and does not provide treatment for the following at this time:  Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, couples therapy/marital therapy, family therapy, substance abuse therapy, porn/video game/sex addiction therapy, Autism, sex offender treatment, or mandated/court ordered therapy.

What problems do we specialize in?

Anxiety / Social Anxiety / Anxiety Attacks / Panic Attacks

Depression / Grief & Loss / Situational Depression

Grief  & Loss of a loved one (or a relationship) / Grief & Loss of a pet

ADHD- Inattentive Type, Hyperfocus Type, Combined Type

College Issues / College Success / College Prep / College Transition / Choosing a Major

Career Counseling

Stress / Job Stress

Adjusting to getting married / adjusting to children leaving the nest

Starting a family/ infertility struggles

Parenting Strategies

Compassion Fatigue / Burnout

Caregiver Support / Caregiver Burnout

Low self esteem / self worth / self confidence / poor self image

Codependency / People pleaser

Discovering your strengths

Coping skills

Difficulty Making decisions

Type A Personality

How to become assertive

How to navigate toxic co-workers and bosses

Transitioning to Adulthood aka “Adulting” / Figuring out who you are and who you want to be as an adult

“Life stuff”


Break Ups/Broken Heart

Healing from a Divorce

Recovery from dating/marrying a “narcissist”

Mid life crisis issues

How to win people over at work


Communication Skills / Conflict Resolution Skills

Relationships / Friendships

Toxic People / Adult Child of Toxic Parents

Dating / Red Flags

First Responders (fire, medical, police)- on the job stress & compassion fatigue