Why choose therapy?

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What if I told you that healthy, strong, and intelligent individuals come to therapy? Yes, it’s true! The most important decision (once you determined you want to try therapy) is to find a therapist who is a good fit and specializes in what you are seeking help with because after all, therapy should be a safe place where you feel better and obtain results. Every therapist is unique and different in their therapeutic style, therapeutic personality, education, training, specialization, and clinical worldview. So, please research, read reviews online, talk to others, and above all –do not be afraid to try several therapists.

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Why go to therapy?

Are you successful in many areas of your life, but experiencing challenges in one area of your life or maybe had a lot of changes in a short period of time? Maybe you are feeling stressed? or trying to get out there to date? or maybe you have been arguing with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you want to learn how to become assertive? or figure out who you are? or trying to develop and maintain friendships? or want to change careers? or going through a heartbreak?

When do you go to therapy?

If you are thinking about therapy then now is the time to come in to gain professional counsel and guidance! A person benefits more from being “proactive” rather then “reactive” after the fact. There is absolute no shame in seeing someone to help. Did you know therapists go to therapy too? That’s right! It is something required and enforced and why shouldn’t therapists go? We  must practice what we preach! We believe in the power of healing and therapy so much we have chosen to dedicate our lives to a career of it.

Now, back to this being a no judgment zone….think about this: don’t you see a hair stylist to get help with your hair? and a mechanic to fix our car? a doctor when you are ill? or a pastor to give you spiritual counsel? or an accountant for your taxes? or a lawyer for legal counsel? So, why not seek counsel when you need help with your life? So, if you are thinking about therapy then it is time.

Who comes to Therapy?

Ummm everyone!!! Even the celebs! Prince William went to therapy to process the grief and loss of his mother at such a young age. In fact, it helped him so much he and his wife are dedicating mental health as one of their causes to remove the stigma. Kanye West and Demi Lovato attend therapy to help them with managing their Bipolar Disorder. Some other celebs include: Katy Perry, Kerry Washington, Brad Pitt, NFL football player Brandon Marshall, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ben Affleck, Kesha, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, and Amanda Seyfriend to name just some that have all therapy.

What brings people to Therapy?

Most people who seek therapy just need someone to listen and listen objectively……. and at learn from education, gain self insight, receive guidance, feedback and recommendations.  Others want to break family generational patterns or  learn healthier ways of handling tough stuff.  Sometimes you need someone that has your back or someone who will be truthful and straight with you. Someone who has no agenda and nothing to gain other than your own personal well being.  Sometimes you need to just talk it out and be able to talk about it as much as you want. In therapy you can talk about something over and over — as much as you need too. Sometimes our friends and families are just too close to use to be able to help.

What makes you choose Haven Counseling?

Amanda listens and does so without judgment, allowing you to be in control and to determine what your goals are. Amanda ensures the session stays about you and you alone! Amanda does not impose her will or goals on you, instead she prefers a collaborative approach working with you and never “telling” you what to do, but instead providing education and professional guidance when sought out ………..because guess what!?? You did the best you could with what you knew and who you were at that time.

Who Teaches Us?

Most of the time, no one teaches us concepts like picking a career senior year in high school, emotional intelligence, self care, how to set limits, healthy boundaries, relationship skills, stress, job stress, stress of friendships, assertiveness, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills!!! Our parents teach us what they know and then the rest is up to us! Sure, you can read self help books, or listen to a podcast, or even take a class. So, who better to learn about ourselves, our skills, and strategies tailored specific to us –so we can be our best self –then a licensed professional.